Qortstone Kitchen Countertops

Almond Cream Quartz
Almond Cream
Ash Gray Quartz
Ash Gray
Black Glitter Quartz
Black Glitter
Chalk Quartz
Coffee Brown Quartz
Coffee Brown
Crystal Gray Quartz
Crystal Gray
Pumice Quartz
Red Glitter Quartz
Red Glitter
Sand Beige Quartz
Sand Beige
Sandy Brown Quartz
Sandy Brown
Sugar White Quartz
Sugar White
Vanilla Quartz
Wheat Quartz
White Glitter Quartz
White Glitter
White Seashell Quartz
White Seashell
White Smoke Quartz
White Smoke
Bittersweet Quartz
Cemento Quartz
Deep Black Quartz
Deep Black
Fern Quartz
Cappuccino Quartz
Forest Brown Quartz
Forest Brown
Light Desert Quartz
Light Desert
Peru Quartz
Royal Blue Quartz
Royal Blue
Sahara Quartz
Tobacco Quartz
Steel Quartz
Stratus Quartz
Venetino Quartz
Crema Bella Quartz
Crema Bella
Constellation Quartz
Daisy Quartz
Statuary White Quartz
Statuary White

Qortstone surfaces are highly sophisticated quartz products that provide a combination of both great function and form. The ideal and revolutionary design allows for a greater durable, diverse and practical solution for commonly used areas like floors, countertops, furniture, stairs, fireplaces and so on.

Qortstone is designed to have high level of resistance to unfavorable conditions. It has a highly tight structure that is almost waterproof with a low water absorption rate of 0.08% which ensures great resistance to oil, food, smoke and any liquid penetration and stains. Qortstone is also resistant to all sorts of chemicals, including acid and alkali. This ensures no future corrosion, fading or color change occur. Qortstone comes from quartz which is a natural resource with a hardness of around 7 MOHS, only little less than the hardness of diamond. Also, since 93% of Qortstone surfaces are made of natural quartz, one of the strongest known materials in the world, you can be assured that it will always stay in good condition and be resistant to breaking, compression and abrasion.

Being a material with fireproof ability having a high melting point above 572 degree Fahrenheit, Qortstone Quartz allows you to prevent burn spots as well as possible cracking knowing fully well that it is resistant to distortion and high temperature. Qortstone are also environmentally safe and are not dangerous to health and food because the surfaces are made of Silica Dioxide, a compound which is free from any hazardous or heavy material.

Specialized Qortstone colors and designs are available and we are able to meet the inspirations and demands of all our clients.

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